Technical Services

Customizable Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Premium service and state-of-the-art chemical solutions to optimize production from perforations to pipeline. 

Product Screening- RSI possesses a myriad of industry standard and RSI-specific product screening methods that have been proven to optimize treatments to maximize production and minimize costs.

  • Paraffin/Wax Chemical Screening (paraffin inhibition, pour point depressants, wax appearance temperature, automatic pour point)
  • Corrosion Inhibition (failure analysis/corrosion identification, corrosion coupon analysis, solids analysis)
  • Scale Inhibition (scale prediction and squeeze modeling, deposit analysis, scale inhibition to failure)
  • Foaming (aqueous blender foaming tests, dynamic foam rig testing)

RSI’s technical expertise and experience goes far beyond analytical and performance testing. With our specialized equipment, we are committed to solving our customers complex problems with our highly talented staff of engineers, technicians and chemists.

If you’re ready to partner with a leader in specialty chemicals, we’re ready to put our people, processes and products to work for you. Get started today.

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