Acidizing & Remedial Pressure Pumping

RSI has a fleet of pump trucks and chemical transports designed for acidizing. RSI’s equipment and expertise deliver highly customized treatments that excel in a variety of applications.

The experienced professionals at RSI can provide customized chemical and job design for matrix acidizing in production wells stimulations and saltwater disposal remediations. RSI evaluates oil composition, brine chemistry, minerology and equipment metallurgy to deliver an effective treatment to maximize performance and ensure compatibility with sensitive formations. RSI has a broad line of mineral and organic acids, anti-sludging agents, non-emulsifiers, clay-stabilizers, diversion chemicals and gelling agents which maximize production enhancements. We also have extensive experience in squeeze applications which extend production increases by preventing future formation damage.

Our experienced team can also perform a variety of high pressure and high volume pressure pumping applications which include step-drawdown testing, flow rate tests in midstream equipment, frac-hit mitigation and packer fluid application.

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